Past Interns & Apprentices

Robbie Teasdale

Robbie TeasdaleRobbie Teasdale is a passionate and creative young artist who came to us during a leave from Berea College in 2014. He came for a summer and stayed for a year. He absorbed the silence and peace of the landscape in thoughtful moments, but he kept the pots turning and the music playing. Overtime, we watched the evolution of Robbie’s work in clay. We were able to meet his family, to get to know his wife Karina, and to appreciate his daily presence. In our many conversations about life and art, we recognized the challenging nature of moving toward our best work.

James Bonta

James Bonta <content>

Maria Zehr Deiter

Maria Zehr Deiter

“I have always loved the earth, the way it grounds me and nurtures my spirit, the potential it holds for new life. I love clay because it is dirt, grounding and nurturing, yet when transformed its creative potential leads me to new understandings of life. I am intrigued with clay as voice. I engage clay as a medium through which to contemplate the paradoxes of life and tensions within my personal reality. My most personal work features ceramic figures reflecting existential meditations on internal and social aspects of self-formation. My musings and explorations in clay, while primarily sculptural, are expressed through both functional and figural work.”