Sustainable fuel for the wood kiln comes in the form of waste wood and vegetable oil. The community potters have worked steadily at hauling and cutting free slabs from a local sawmill. They have added waste vegetable oil during peak firing times to push the kiln past stalling. Thanks to Philip Wiggs for his energy and direction, to artist Ron Deaver for the many jugs of oil he has sent our way, to David Best who serves as our waste fuel guru, and to all of the potters who have contributed to the demanding needs of the fire. Conversations continue, future apparatus are planned to find the most efficient method of delivering the oil to the fire. Experiments abound on the farm.

We want to expand the raised beds and extend the vegetable growing season through the coming high tunnel. Successful at raising laying chickens, we are working with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to add large livestock to the twenty-one acres of pasture.