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To “ferment” means to undergo fermentation, to slowly brew, fizz or foam. To “ferment” also means to incite or stir up. Although my ceramic vessels mostly engage the former definition of ferment, I want to also engage the latter, using the shovel image as a symbol for the dual nature of labor, its potential for reward and loss. While the generous walls of my jars and silos refer to traditional shapes of storage jars used for food and fermentation, they also allude to the easy connection between clay and the human form, showing bellies stretched to their limit. My pots express a tautness that conveys the feeling of ferment, of volume stretching outward towards bursting, showing the promise or absence of fecundity. As a maker of vessels, I want to remind viewers to look past an easy understanding of function and towards metaphor. The imagery on the surface of my vessels is a guide toward conceptual use, and often serves as a metaphorical brand or label. In my work I explore the idea of food and storage as a means toward transmutation and mystery, a search for permanence while acknowledging the inevitability of change.    “…The jar was round upon the ground And tall and of a port in air…” -Wallace Stevens