Our Vision

Bobtown Arts Berea KYThe Arts community in Berea is mostly known for its plethora of crafts and visual arts, as well as bluegrass and folk music. As Bobtown continues to grow, we hope to include other forms of art such as multimedia, independent publishing, and music that represents the diversity of Bereans (both students and community members) and other Appalachian communities. As a live-in residency with functional studios and work spaces, Bobtown will surely be a paradise for artists from all walks of life. Bobtown will also have a store for people to purchase the works of our community artists who are interested in selling merchandise. Additionally, the Bobtown’s art community can look forward to in a future artist exchange program with art communities from different cultures, both nationally and internationally. This will help expand the horizons of artists as well as enlarge their canvas for different forms of creativity.

As technology continues to grow, we at Bobtown see the importance of having a strong online presence on social media and blogging sites. We hope to be just as interactive with possible supporters and collaborators on the web as we are communally. We also hope to see the community blossom not only in people but in how we build, share, and grow as a collaborative. In society it is more than likely for artists to work within their chosen genre, but at Bobtown we will strongly encourage cross-pollination and bartering amongst the different mediums. All in all, the ultimate vision of Bobtown is to use our example to inoculate other communities that have a need for our ideal community model.