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I’m Lo also known as Queen Victoria-TheArtist and as a creative writer, songwriter/songstress, filmmaker and hip hop artivist. I spend most of my time these days working with the art of lyricism through the style of storytelling. lyric-writing is a way to keep me writing often about my thoughts and feelings which can range from topics that focus on romantic relationships to social and economic injustices. As an artist I spend a lot of my time reserved observing my surrounding where part of my inspiration to create comes from, however, in the presence of other artists and visionaries, observation transforms into a teaching and learning experience. I love lyric writing through storytelling because it is celebratory, a way to cope, release and most importantly freeing. “Hip Hop saved my life.” The eras which fed me the most are the mid 80s and 90s through the early 2000s; the bulk of my lyrics reflect that.